Wolf Game Legacy

Wolf Game Legacy

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Front of men's Basic Tee in black.

Wolf #13174

Wolf Game Legacy


3.20 WETH

Frequently asked questions about Wolf Game Legacy

Discover the latest information about Wolf Game Legacy (WGAME) collection.

What is and when was the Wolf Game Legacy (WGAME) collection created?
The Wolf Game Legacy (WGAME) is a NFT collection based on the blockchain and it was created on 2021-11-18 at 09:56:51.
How many items are there in Wolf Game Legacy (WGAME) collection?
There are 13809 unique items for the Wolf Game Legacy (WGAME) collection.
How much is a Wolf Game Legacy (WGAME) item?
Today, the average price for an Wolf Game Legacy (WGAME) item is 3.20 ETH while over the last 7 days the average price was 3.20 ETH. Finally, over the last 30 days the average price was 3.20 ETH.
Which is the most expensive Wolf Game Legacy (WGAME)?
Wolf #13174 is the most expensive item of the Wolf Game Legacy (WGAME) collection. It was sold on 2022-05-05 at 14:11:22 to 0x7f2...b538e5 at the price of 3.20 ETH ($8,763.17).
How many sales has the Wolf Game Legacy (WGAME) collection had?
In total, there were a number of 9064 sales over the lifetime of the collection and 1 over the last 7 days.
What are Wolf Game Legacy (WGAME) alternatives?
We were able to observe that most of the users who have Wolf Game Legacy (WGAME) are also interested in little boxes on the hillsides, child by LIA, Doodle X, Delirious Mind Travelers and Lets Fox.