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Front of men's Basic Tee in black.




33.00 ETH

Frequently asked questions about FloatingIsland-6

Discover the latest information about FloatingIsland-6 (FI-6) collection.

What is and when was the FloatingIsland-6 (FI-6) collection created?
The FloatingIsland-6 (FI-6) is a NFT collection based on the blockchain and it was created on 2023-03-01 at 12:34:14.
How many items are there in FloatingIsland-6 (FI-6) collection?
There are 4 unique items for the FloatingIsland-6 (FI-6) collection.
How much is a FloatingIsland-6 (FI-6) item?
Today, the average price for an FloatingIsland-6 (FI-6) item is 0.00 ETH while over the last 7 days the average price was 33.00 ETH. Finally, over the last 30 days the average price was 33.00 ETH.
Which is the most expensive FloatingIsland-6 (FI-6)?
FloatingIsland is the most expensive item of the FloatingIsland-6 (FI-6) collection. It was sold on 2023-03-01 at 17:31:23 to 0x000...b95127 at the price of 33.00 ETH ($54,591.90).
How many sales has the FloatingIsland-6 (FI-6) collection had?
In total, there were a number of 1 sales over the lifetime of the collection and 1 over the last 7 days.
What are FloatingIsland-6 (FI-6) alternatives?
We were able to observe that most of the users who have FloatingIsland-6 (FI-6) are also interested in Chapter 7: Candle by Micah Johnson, Doodle Llamas, TABZ NFT and Meka Beast Heroes.